Tactic Explode

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《Tactic Explode》是一款IOS平台的应用。
Tactic Explode
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Tactic Explode应用介绍

🌟❕蓝牙多人❕🌟 优势和主导地位。达到目标,保持和捍卫自己的领土。 为未来社会的游戏体验。 游戏说明: 本场比赛的目标是接管你的竞争对手的所有天体。任何点击,就可以收取的天体,直到他们达到4级,一旦你点击了4天体,它会爆炸,和重置为1级。随着爆炸,它拥有和收费的球体的顶部,向下,向右和左1水平。有几个4级球体,你可以在整场的天体产生连环爆炸。 从来没有一个更容易,但具有挑战性的战术爆炸多人游戏! 在某一时刻,你就接近胜利,但只有一个错误的举动可以把你打败。 特点: 💢 一,二,三名及以上的球员在同一设备上的本地游戏模式 💢 两个播放器蓝牙 - 两个设备游戏 💢 难度水平 · 易于 · 中等 · 硬盘 · 极端。 ➮ 挑战人工智能 💢 不同法院部门 · 标准 · 分割 · 第 · 随机 ➮ 快速入门,轻松的游戏 ➮ 不可预知的连锁反应,以增加摩擦 --- 🌟❕ Bluetooth Multiplayer ❕🌟 Superiority and dominance. Reach it, keep it and defend your territory. The social gaming experience for the future. Game instruction: The target of the game is to own all orbs with your color. By any click, you can charge the orbs until they reach level 4. Once you then click that orb with a 4, it will explode and reset to level 1. With the explosion, it owns and charges the orb top, down, right and left with 1 level up. With a few 4 level orbs, you can generate chain explosions over the whole field of orbs. Never was a multiplayer game easier, yet as challenging as Tactic Explode! In a moment you'll be close to victory, but only a single wrong move can take you to defeat. Features: 💢 one, two, three and more player local game mode on the same device 💢 two player Bluetooth – game with two devices 💢 difficulty levels · Easy · Medium · Hard · Extreme. ➮ Challenge the Artificial Intelligence 💢 different court divisions · Standard · Split · Sections · Random ➮ Get started quickly with easy gameplay ➮ Unpredictable chain reactions to increase the friction- 教程添加 - 调整后的人工智能容易,中等和硬

Tactic Explode支持版本

需要iOS 4.3 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 兼容。